Image of a Red Tulip chocolate easter bunny

Is Easter even Easter without Red Tulip chocolates and a four day weekend???

Image of a Red Tulip chocolate easter bunny
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I know. Easter exists because of Christianity.

But it’s also a very chocolate-centric holiday, and one that Australians are used to having as a four day extra-long weekend from Good Friday to Easter Monday. It’s also the beginning of term one school holidays, and depending on your lifestyle, it might mean a trip to the Easter Show (in some parts) and/or a whole lot of church.

Canada recognizes Easter too, but it’s a little different here. Christians go to church, but it’s not school holidays and there is no Easter show.

But the one thing that makes me sad here is that there is no such thing as the beloved Red Tulip chocolate bunny in Canada.

I know. I cried too.

The presence of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate in North America is much smaller than it is in Australia and the UK, and the Easter chocolate market in Canada is dominated by Lindor, Ferrero Rocher and Nestle.

You see a lot of Lindt chocolate bunnies and Lindt eggs in different flavours, as well as Kinder Surprise eggs, Reece’s eggs, Oreo eggs and other flavours owned by these brands.

You can find a small selection of Cadbury Dairy Milk rabbits, but they’re imported from the UK.

You can also find Cadbury Creme Eggs and Cadbury Mini Eggs, and Cadbury solid mini plain, caramel and creme eggs . But that’s it for Cadbury here.

You can’t get Red Tulip (which is just Cadbury chocolate in a different outfit, in case you didn’t know), you can’t get hollow Cadbury chocolate eggs that are the same size as real eggs and you can’t get the gigantic hollowed out Cadbury eggs that Aussies so love.

No Cherry Ripe egg, no Crunchie egg, none of those.

In Australia, the supermarkets stock entire walls of Easter Eggs. Here the selection is a little smaller.

Shoppers Drug Mart has the best selection of Easter chocolates, but they are also pretty pricey until they go on sale.

There are also these really weird sweet marshmallow-y things shaped like chicks called Peeps and they are a staple over Easter. I think I tried them once when I first got here but it wasn’t my thing. My opinion when it comes to marshmallows is – if it’s not in a hot chocolate or a s’more, it’s not necessary.

Image of Peeps Marshmallows
Image source: ABC Action news

What about hot cross buns?

I could hear you asking! Thankfully, in Canada, there is a bakery chain called Cobs which is – guess what- the Canadian-branded version of Australian’s own Baker’s Delight! It’s a good place to go if you’re feeling homesick because it’s basically the same menu (with a few tweaks to cater to the Canadian market). And they make fresh hot cross buns every Easter. But only for that limited time leading up to and during the Easter weekend.

You can also get hot cross buns at some small non-franchise bakeries, as well as within the Loblaw’s chain of supermarkets. And if you can’t be bothered hunting for them, you can always bake your own!

The four-day weekend for Easter? Not a given!

Easter Monday is not a federal holiday in Canada! Only Good Friday is. Easter Monday is a provincial holiday. That means your workplace may not recognize Easter Monday as a holiday and you will have to work! And not get holiday pay.

Yes, I was gutted when I found that out as well.

Just another thing to get used to .

Happy Easter everyone!


2 thoughts on “Is Easter even Easter without Red Tulip chocolates and a four day weekend???

  1. Joanna says:

    Damn it if I’d know you were craving a Red Tulip bunny you could have had mine – a friend sent me one but I binned it as I’m trying to cut back.


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